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Andalusite is a metamorphic rock used as a semi-precious stone worldwide. This gemstone can be obtained in clear quality from Brazil and Sri-Lanka. Andalusite is found in shades like yellow-green, brownish-red, and olive-green. The appearance of the stone varies from transparent to nearly opaque. It is believed that the stone holds powers that help in relieving muscles from pain and promote peaceful sleep.

At GemsforJewels, we offer an assortment of andalusite gemstones in multiple shades, shapes, and sizes. Brilliantly cut and finished by experienced artisans, these stones come with fair durability, so you can easily use them in your jewelry. Featuring this gemstone in pear and heart shapes, GemsforJewels offers andalusite in strands.

Here’s a comprehensive guide that should help you while buying 100% natural, high-quality andalusites.


Andalusite Gemstone


Where is Andalusite found?

Jean-Claude Delamétehrie named andalusite in 1798, thinking that it came from Andalusia, Spain. Later, it was found that the stone was obtained from El Cardoso de la Sierra, in the province of Guadalajara, not Andalusia. Popular among jewelry dealers, andalusite is a rare stone to find in larger sizes. The different hues of this gemstone, along with its durability and cuts, make it more valuable and appealing. This aluminum silicate mineral can be found in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the Inyo Mountains of California in the US. Currently, it can also be obtained from Spain, but the main source for andalusite is in Brazil.


Andalusite Beads


How to identify Andalusite?


  • Color, clarity, and cut

Andalusite is easily identified with its natural hues. It comes in earthy shades like red, green, orange and brown. Each time it is turned from one side to another, the stone shows a different color variation. Hence it’s also called “Poor man’s Alexandrite”. Andalusite is sometimes believed to show multiple colors on a single side.

The stone is non-fluorescent with uneven to subconchoidal fracture. It may seem transparent to opaque with slight inclusions and a white streak. Like all other gemstones, look for andalusite that is clearer, the more, the better. The cut must be brilliant that shows off the color switches seamlessly. The different cut and shapes also enable the stone to reflect multiple shades on a single side of andalusite.

Chiastolite, a variety of andalusite, displays a distinct pattern within the cross-section area of the crystal. The physical properties that act as a key point to identify andalusite are its vitreous luster and hardness of 6.5-7.5 Mohs. Due to its formation at high temperatures, it might convert to sillimanite, if exposed to higher temperatures.

Andalusite stone


What are the healing properties of Andalusite?

Andalusite is associated with Virgo zodiac sign and is believed to heal emotional and physical stress. The healing elements of andalusite cure muscle and joint pain and also balance the sleeping cycle. It relaxes the mind, helps identify the problems, and also provides clarity against emotional issues. The stone leads to solutions and promotes the desire for self-realization. It is also believed that fighters get attracted to this stone, and when worn, its healing elements help in making wise decisions and pull the wearer away from fights.

Andalusite gem


Is Andalusite treated?

Andalusite is a natural gemstone that was formed a million years ago due to volcanic activities. It rarely receives any treatment for color enhancement and is widely used in jewelry, mostly in its natural shades. Andalusite gemstone is generally polished and cut into a variety of shapes, including heart, pear, bead, and more. Facts reveal that some colors of this stone have changed into others due to high temperatures. These include olive-green andalusites from Brazil that form a pinkish hue and brown andalusite that goes colorless above 800°C. Irradiation may reverse these changes.


How to clean and care for Andalusite?

Since andalusite comes with a hardness of 6.5-7.5 Mohs, it is highly durable and perfect for jewelry making. Although it is necessary to take precautions and good care to avoid any damages in the future. Make sure you don’t wear andalusite rings, bracelets, or any other pieces of jewelry while doing physical activities. It is completely fine if you wash the stone with warm soapy water, just pat it dry and keep it away from other stones to avoid any scratches.


Where to buy Andalusite from?

Available in hues of brown and red, GemsforJewels provides andalusite in strands with brilliant-cut and finish. Crafted carefully by experienced artisans, the stones are cut into pear and heart shapes, which beautifully highlight the multiple tones of andalusite. The services at GemsforJewels also offer customization on orders. Buy your andalusite gemstone with us today!


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