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Apatite got its name from the Greek word “apatein,” which means to cheat, trick, or deceive. That’s because it’s often mistaken for beryl, tourmaline, or quartz. Jewelry makers love this stone because of its striking electric blue color than often displays fluorescence in certain specimens. The combination of Brazilian apatites with white diamond crystals is loved by jewelry designers. Buying a gemstone like an apatite requires reliable information and genuine sources. For detailed information about apatite, read our comprehensive guide.


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Apatite Gemstone – Source and origin


Apatite is found in sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic and volcanic rocks. This calcium phosphate mineral can be traced in Canada, Germany, India, Czech Republic, Madagascar, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, and the United States. It is majorly sourced from Brazil, Myanmar, and Mexico.


Apatite Properties


1. Healing Properties and Uses

    Apatite gemstone is believed to bring physical and mental well-being to the wearer. It improves insight, enhances focus and concentration, and also boosts creativity. Since apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral, it is also beneficial for teeth and bone-related problems. This stone helps in improving the digestive system and, as a whole, boosts the immunity to fight against viruses. Apatite gemstone is considered a prized possession among collectors and is widely set in many jewelry pieces, including rings, earrings, and pendants. It is best paired with diamonds and mother of pearls, especially for the creation of precious rings.


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    2. Physical Properties


    • Cut and Clarity

    Apatite comes with a hardness of 5 Moh and features a conchoidal to uneven fracture with a hexagonal crystal system. Apatite is transparent to translucent and hence mostly cut into facets. The chatoyant specimens called cat’s eye apatite are usually cabochon-cut. Apatite can easily be identified from its hardness. It is generally confused with tourmalineberyl, and other stones that come with a hardness of around 7 Moh. This gemstone has a vitreous luster with a fluorescence display that makes it more appealing to people for its use in different pieces of jewelry. Excellent quality apatite shows no flaws or blemishes to the naked eye from about 6 inches.


    apatite gemstone


    • Color and Treatment

    Apatite comes in a variety of shades, but blue Brazilian apatites that come in a neon shade with mixed hues of blue and green are highly demanded. It also includes apatite’s rich purple specimens that are mined in Maine, North America. The other shades of apatite range from green, brown, yellow to colorless. Transparent to translucent in appearance, apatite features a white streak. The stone apatite is not very tough; therefore, any treatment on it should be carefully done. The stone is cut, polished, and the only treatment that apatite receives is the heat treatment to enhance its color.


    Apatite Gemstone Care


    Apatite needs proper care due to its softness. It must be kept separately from other stones to avoid any damage. For cleaning, washing the gemstone with mild soapy water will be enough. Keep away from hot water, and do not scratch the stone; it will affect its luster. Make sure it does not come in contact with acid or excessive heat. Apatite bracelets and rings should be removed before doing any physical activity that could cause damage to the stone. For storage, wrapping in a piece of soft fabric or keeping the stone in fabric-lined boxes will do the trick.


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