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Treasured by kings and queens, carnelian gemstone is the heritage of many royalties. The national stone of both Norway and Sweden, carnelian, was also used to decorate the Taj Mahal in India. The Romans were fascinated with engraved carnelian stones and used them for making signets. It is regarded as the traditional gift for the 17th wedding anniversary. This orange variety of chalcedony is widely used for making different pieces of jewelry due to its good hardness.


carnelian cabochons


About Carnelian - History, Origin, and Source


A variety of the chalcedony family, carnelian, is formed within ancient volcanic lava or igneous rocks. Named from the Latin word “carnis,” the appearance of the stone justifies its name, which means flesh. Carnelian beads were believed to be popularly used in Bulgaria since the early Neolithic period. The stone was also widely used to make seal rings and engraved gems during the Roman times. This brownish-red mineral is usually found in Indonesia, Brazil, India, Russia, and Germany.


Carnelian Stone – Healing Properties


Carnelian is believed to have a spiritual connection to everyone. It is said to improve the performance of reproductory organs of both the male and female. Increasing the blood flow, it also helps in dealing with the issues related to blood pressure and anemia. Pregnant women usually keep the stone in the mouth during labor pain for relaxation. The stone is also associated with zodiac sign Virgo.


Carnelian and The Chakras


The Qi or Prana, also known as the chakras, are the energy centers of the body that influence mental, emotional, or physical well-being. The seven chakras are regulated through colors.

  1. Crown Chakra – Purple
  2. Third Eye Chakra – Indigo
  3. Throat Chakra – Blue
  4. Heart Chakra – Green
  5. Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
  6. Sacral Chakra – Orange
  7. Root Chakra – Red

The carnelian stone has a connection with the sacral chakra that is located just below the navel. Hence, it is associated with emotions, relationships, creativity, and sexuality. It can help if someone wants to get rid of substance addiction, obsession with sexual desire, or dependence on a person. It can also help a person who lacks sexual desire. If the color of the carnelian stone is darker than orange, red, for instance, then it is believed to be linked with the base chakra that deals with basic requirements like food, shelter, clothing, and survival.


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Carnelian Stone – Physical Properties


  • Color

Known as cornelian in the middle ages, carnelians are found in hues ranging from light golden yellow to red. It is specifically known for its orange shade that occurs due to the presence of iron impurities. If the carnelian is more on the brown side of the spectrum, it can be referred to as sard and if it is a mix of orange, brown and red, it can be called jasper. Carnelian generally comes in solid colors, but you can also find some stripes and darker or lighter patches on it. Highly valued in darker shades of orange and red, the color of carnelian stone can be altered through heat treatments.


  • Cut and Clarity

Carnelian has a hardness of 6-7 Moh and comes with a trigonal crystal system. With an uneven fracture, carnelian stones also feature a vitreous, greasy, dull, or silky luster when polished. The stone is cut in multiple shapes and sizes for its use in different pieces of jewelry. Due to its good hardness, this stone is durable and suitable for any type of jewelry. Belonging to the chalcedony family, the carnelian is different from some of its cousins. This stone is translucent, you might not be able to see through it, but once you expose it to sunlight, you will see light rays passing through it, especially if it is round-shaped.


  • Treatment

Apart from heat treatment or dyeing, there are also some other methods to enhance the color of carnelian. India is known for its traditional treatments to enhance the color of the stone. The locals in Gujarat, India, believed that exposing the mined gemstone to sunlight for months will convert its color from brown to deep red. Keeping raw carnelian in clay pots covered with dry goat dung and burning them throughout the night was another traditional treatment method. Carnelian stones were heated and kept warm for weeks with the use of water and honey to turn them into black onyx.


carnelian connectors


Identifying real Carnelian stone


The color plays an essential role in identifying this semi-precious gemstone. As a member of the chalcedony family, if the shade of this stone seems brown, it can be referred to as sard, and if the stone has a mix of orange, red, and brown, it is called jasper. Carnelian stone is translucent, and its appearance might include some dark patches or stripes, but usually, it is seen in a solid color. Since the carnelian is a slow conductor of heat, it will remain cool in your hands. It will also feel heavy as it’s a dense mineral. The differentiation is easy when the hardness is taken into consideration. Before buying a carnelian, do the scratch test, due to good hardness, it won’t scratch easily. Instead, it can scratch a simple piece of glass.


Carnelian gemstone care


Make sure you don’t expose the carnelian to heat for a longer time, as it may cause some permanent damage to the stone. You can easily clean this stone with soapy water and brush. Due to its hardness, the stone may not get scratches easily, but be careful not to use a scrubber or other hard objects for cleaning. Store in fabric-lined boxes or wrap them in soft clothes. Keep this stone way from chemicals, especially while doing household work.


Facts about Carnelian stone


  • Carnelian was one of the first objects to be carved into beads 8000 years ago.
  • Mostly affordable, carnelian gemstones are highly-priced in bigger sizes and with no inclusions. India has a reputation for the production of carnelian stones in bright shades, Gujarat, to be specific. Madagascar is also known for the sale of high-quality carnelian stones.
  • Popular in the past for its use in making amulets, intaglios and cameos, carnelian is currently demanded more in cabochon or dome shapes.
  • Prophet Muhammad wore an inscribed carnelian signet ring. He used it as a seal for important documents and is still widely worn by Muslims today.
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