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Did you know snowflake obsidian is not actually a gemstone? Yes, you read that right! It is a glass that forms when specific types of lava cool too quickly.

There are several varieties of obsidians, but obviously, there’s one that stands out. Snowflake obsidian is the most captivating variant of the regular obsidian rock. Its many white or grey flakes formed inside it make the snowflake obsidian significant and easily distinguishable amongst the other variants. It is similar to other obsidian varieties in terms of its composition, availability, and value. Not surprising, the only difference between the regular obsidian and the snowflake variant is the “snowflakes” that are evidently visible on its surface. These snowflakes are called “spherulites” and are essentially just needle-shaped cristobalite (a quartz type).

When mounted on jewelry pieces, this stone provides a unique sparkling effect that makes the entire jewelry setting very eye-catchy. Its beautiful appearance often misguides us about its value. It is actually quite affordable and can draw attention right away. In addition to its use in the world of jewelry, it also has several metaphysical properties that’ll help whoever possesses the stone.


What is snowflake obsidian?


Snowflake obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass, and hence it is also known as "nature's glass."  Because of the flaky surface that it exhibits, it is also called flowering obsidian and spherulitic obsidian . The snowflake obsidian is formed when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools down. As the crystallization process occurs in the flowing lava, the inclusions that appear on the surface as patches, spots, or streaks are produced. During this process, the crystals formed grow into delicate white splotches that look just like snowflakes—hence the name. This stone has a hardness of around five Mohs, but it can go up to 5.5 as well. It has a refractive index that lies between 1.45 and 1.55.


Where is snowflake obsidian found?


In general, this stone is naturally found all over the world. However, most high-quality snowflake obsidians for commercial purposes come from specific countries such as the United States, Scotland, or Italy.  Other common locations to mine obsidian are Argentina, Canada, Chile, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, and Turkey.


Snowflake obsidian properties The three C’s:


Whether it is purchasing a snowflake obsidian gemstone or jewelry piece online or at a store, certain important factors determine its value:

Color: Snowflake obsidian is nothing but a regular black colored obsidian composed of several grayish-white or pure white inclusions.  It mostly occurs in black color. The surface of this gemstone consists of beautiful patterns in the form of spots, streaks, inclusions, or patches. These varied patterns are created naturally at the time of formation of the stone.

Clarity: Usually, the snowflake obsidian stone is opaque.  However, we cannot completely rule out other known occurrences of partially transparent stones, although these are unusual and rare cases. Therefore, it is opaque to translucent in nature and possesses vitreous or glassy luster. Containing fractures in a curved shape, these fractures intersect and make the edges of the stone very sharp. Although it is glass, it is definitely not a clean and clear stone with high clarity and does not have any proper shape or form. To identify a genuine stone, look for a mirror-like smooth surface.

Cut: The entire difference in the outlook of a gemstone lies in the cut.  Snowflake obsidians are mostly cut in the cabochon form to enhance their elegance. Gem cutters these days produce various shapes and patterns for modern designer jewelry pieces. The beads made from this stone can be cut into several shapes like round, oval, streamlined chips, and many more.


Treatments of snowflake obsidian:


Naturally occurring as a beautiful gemstone, unlike several other gemstones, the snowflake obsidian seldom requires any essential treatments. A perfect cut is all it takes.


How to take care of snowflake obsidian?


When it comes to cleaning and maintaining, snowflake obsidian is not a troublesome stone. On the flip side, when worn regularly, cleaning can become a tad bit more challenging because it is a little soft. Ideally, a bit of running water and a clean cloth is all you need to get the work done. Even if they are organic or natural, it is highly recommended not to use chemicals, solvents, or cleaning solutions. Snowflake obsidian is a relatively soft stone, so handle it with care. Do not use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner and store it separately from other jewelry pieces to avoid scratches. Following these simple steps will keep your snowflake obsidian in good condition.


Snowflake obsidian meaning:


This stone has various meanings that go in different directions, making it a little challenging to explain. Snowflake obsidian, for instance, is often related to purity. But it’s all about balance when it comes to its metaphysical properties. The wearer will be able to achieve harmony between the spirit, mind, and body. Snowflake obsidian will bring some order into your life no matter how messy or distorted your lifestyle is.


Snowflake obsidian chakra:


Snowflake obsidian would work well on your root chakra when used in chakra cleansing meditation . It brings the energy down into the root chakra and under the foot out of the Earth Star chakra, releasing negative energy into the earth while pulling positive grounding energy from the earth into the body, rendering it a strong grounding stone.


Snowflake obsidian healing and metaphysical properties:

  • Snowflake obsidian, a stone that describes purity, will bring balance to your life. In an ideal combination, your soul, body, and mind will function together in harmony.
  • This stone helps you forget about your pressures and distractions. It helps you concentrate even better, regardless of how difficult a specific situation may be.
  • On another note, by eliminating negativity from the space, snowflake obsidian is known to bring in a positive attitude.
  • The volcanic profile of this stone will help you comprehend emotions. In a more effective way, this stone helps you analyze your emotional patterns.
  • The stone will help heal your addictions; it encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • The state of inner calmness provided by snowflake obsidian is impeccable and frequently linked with professional meditation.
  • Mentally, it is intended to flush all the negative energies out of your system.

Snowflake obsidian uses:


You may be wondering how to use snowflake obsidian to heal. The stone can be used depending on what you get it for in a few different ways. It's not just about your karma and your inner peace, but your physical needs as well. Obsidian has some interesting properties and some major functional applications that have been put into practice since prehistoric times.

  • It can strengthen your vascular and bone system. Every single organ in the body receives a positive effect by a balanced vascular system.
  • Obsidian has been used in surgical scalpels in heart surgeries. This is because well-crafted obsidian blades have a cutting edge that is several times sharper than high-quality steel surgical scalpels.


Snowflake obsidian birthstone:


Snowflake obsidian is often associated with the zodiac signs Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio, and Leo.


How to identify snowflake obsidian:


To detect fake snowflake obsidians is not difficult. In fact, since these stones are quite affordable, you are less likely to find counterfeit pieces. Here are some features that'll help you determine if the stone you're holding is a genuine one:

  • Made of dark volcanic glass, snowflake obsidian has a unique appearance.
  • You'll find a shiny and sleek surface when you glance at it and touch it. These stones never miss the white and grayish spots.
  • The spherulites, shaped like a needle, are composed of cristobalite, which is a special quartz type.
  • The characteristic glassy smooth finish is peculiar.

To identify a real snowflake obsidian, you don't have to be an expert. All you need is just a bit of knowledge. In case you've seen it or held it before, you should be able to recognize it straight away. Since this gemstone isn't as expensive as others, there's no point in faking it. Worst-case scenario, some forms of obsidian would be sold as more expensive stones, but it's rarely the other way around.



Where should you buy snowflake obsidian gemstones?


Snowflake obsidian is certainly a fascinating gemstone with a distinctive pattern. Out there, you can find identical crystals, but there's none in such an obvious manner that can hold the snowflake pattern. If you’re still skeptical about where to buy snowflake obsidian online, your hunt ends here. We at GemsforJewels, offer natural snowflake obsidian gemstones of the highest quality. Providing beautiful snowflake obsidians in the form of strands and the shape of chips, this is your one-stop shop to pick high-quality natural snowflake obsidian gemstones.

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