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Chrome diopside is an intensely colored ‘natural’ stone of gemstone value; it is known for its rich color and excellent clarity. It is difficult to find gemstones that don’t need any type of treatment to intensify their color.Even extremely expensive gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies require some form of treatment to improve their color and clarity. However, this doesn’t hold true for the chrome diopside,which was discovered in 1988 in Russia.


This brilliant gemstone owes its color to the presence of chromium, the same element that gives color to alexandrite, ruby, and emerald. The term “diopside” has its origins in the Greek word ‘diopsis,’ which means “two kinds of vision”. It is called so because it displays different shades when viewed from different sides – a phenomenon known as pleochroism.  This beautiful gemstone has been overlooked for many years. Since it is found in scarce quantities, it is quite difficult to procure this stone. Chrome diopside is also called Russian Diopside, Russalite, Vertilite, Serbelite, Tashmarine, Imperial Diopside, or Serbian Emerald. Here is a buying guide that will tell you everything about chrome diopside and how to identify a real one.


Chrome diopside gemstone


What is chrome diopside and how is it formed?


Chrome diopside is an important rock-forming mineral in metamorphic and igneous rock. This lustrous gemstone is very delicate and rates only between 5.5-6 Mohs on the hardness scale. Diopside is formed when magma from below the earth's crust rushes to the surface and makes contact with surrounding sedimentary rocks. The contact makes the rocks and magma melt, mixing them and creating a new rock. While this new rock formation cools, crystals are formed in the cracks and fissures. Chrome diopside is formed when these crystals contain chromium impurities.


Where is chrome diopside found?


First found in Northern Siberia in 1988, chrome diopside is also extracted from Italy, Austria, Finland, Tanzania, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), U.S. (New York), and China. Russia still remains the main source of the gem, while other deposit regions include Pakistan, Finland, India, and Afghanistan.


What are the variants of chrome diopside?


Chrome diopside is the green variant of the normal diopside, other variants of diopside include:

  • Violan: The light blue to the purple color variant of diopside is called violan. Violan owes its color to the presence of a high amount of manganese in its chemical composition. It mainly occurs in Italy and is sometimes used as beads.
  • Malacolite: The fluorescent variant occurring in white or slightly tinted shades is called malacolite, the finest quality of this variety is found in New York.
  • Cat’s Eye: The green variety of diopside is called cat’s eye. It produces a unique linear luminescence when the crystal is placed directly under a light source.
chrome diopside beads
  • Star Diopside: Black or brown color variants of diopside are known as black star diopside. The name comes from the needle-like inclusions that reflect light and produce a phenomenon known as asterism (star-like effect). It is used in jewelry in the form of thick cabochons.
chrome diopside strands


The 4 C’s of Chrome Diopside:


Color :


Chrome diopside owes its color to chromium impurities and can be found in many brilliant shades of green. The rich, deep forest green color is a favorite in the gemstone market. Chrome diopside with medium-dark green color is the most valuable shade.  The bright green shade is very well saturated all over the crystal, and the color of the stone becomes more prominent in bigger stones, and after the gemstone undergoes the necessary processing.

Clarity : 

Chrome diopside displays a vitreous luster and is transparent in nature. Being a transparent crystal, the inclusions are clearly visible even to the naked eye. The stones with no or minimum flaws should be selected. With a very high refractive index of of 1.675 - 1.701 , which is double that of emerald, chrome diopside is very reflective. The luster of this gemstone ranges from vitreous to dull when cut and polished.



The soft nature of chrome diopside doesn’t stop it from being cut into different shapes and styles. In fact, in order to maintain a better production rate and reduce wastage, it is cut into shapes with rounded corners like round, oval, and pear. To prevent high wastage, shapes like square and marquise with sharp corners are avoided. Famous cuts include the faceted emerald (octagon), oval cushion, and the previously mentioned round cuts. The cabochon cut is very rare and perhaps only with lower quality chrome diopside. Facets at shallow angles arepreferred to maximize brilliance and color.



Although chrome diopside is found in large sizes, it is sold only in small sizes. This is because only 10% of the diopside is successfully converted into final processed gems; sometimes, it can be even lower than 10%. The fragile and soft nature of the stone leads to a majority of the rough being wasted during processing. The ideal stone size is 8 x 6 mm or 10 x 8 mm with the carat weight between 2-5 ctw for jewelry purposes.


Chrome Diopside Treatments:


Unlike other gemstones, chrome diopside never undergoes any forms of treatments or enhancements.


chrome diopside stone


How much is chrome diopside worth?


This gemstone falls in the moderate price range in spite of being rare. It may even be seen as less due to its lower price. In reality, the value of this gemstone is forecasted to increase and is currently friendly with the pocket of the common man. Like any other gemstone, price is determined on the basis of color, clarity and carat weight of the gemstone.


How do you clean chrome diopside stone?


Chrome diopside is extremely delicate and can even melt when exposed to large temperature changes and excessive heat. Therefore, it demands extra care and precautions. Due to its fragile nature, cosmetics, and cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals and acids should be avoided. The gem should be removed from the jewelry article before any type of repair work is done to prevent deterioration of the luster of the stone. This gemstone is not meant for daily wear and is more suited to occasional wear. A mild, wet cloth should be used for cleaning and the moisture must be wiped off completely because even a little moisture can ruin the stone. It should be stored in a separate jewelry box consisting of a soft cloth/velvet/cotton lining.


Properties of Chrome Diopside:


Spiritual Properties:


  • If you are a nature lover, have concerns about the future of our planet we live on, and plan to tackle any local environmental issues, this is the stone for you.
  • Compassionate and caring are the terms associated with this gemstone; it will assist you while mending a broken heart after a failed relationship.
  • It will help you empathize with others who may be suffering and fix broken relationships by encouraging you to be the bigger person and begin the process of forgiveness.
  • If you are surrounded by children, pets, or elderly relatives who rely on you for their daily needs, chrome diopside is believed to give you the strength you need to help them and make you aware of how valued you are.

Chakra Properties:


  • Chrome diopside affects the heart chakra most due to its green color. Heart chakra deals with qualities like love, compassion, and unity. Recent feelings of detachment from loved ones, lack of desire to socialize, or fears of being left alone can be caused due to blocked heart chakra.
  • Chrome diopside plays an important role in unlocking your heart chakra, meditating with a chrome diopside gemstone in your hand, or wearing one as a pendant is highly recommended.

Health Benefits:


  • Chrome diopside can help you physically by dealing with issues centered around your heart and lungs. It is believed to strengthen blood circulation and the respiratory system, regulate blood pressure, and rid the body of toxins created by smoking.
chrome diopside connectors


Where should you buy chrome diopside?


At GemsforJewels, we offer high-quality chrome diopside gemstones. These stones can be bought as connectors, or even as strands; there are many exuberant varieties to choose from. We also provide different shapes, including round, oval, pear and teardrop. Chrome diopside in it’s brilliant green shade set in rings, necklaces, and earrings will be loved by all your customers.