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From fabled blue sapphires worn by ancient kings and queens to the famous blue diamond worn by Kate Winslet in the Titanic, blue gems have always managed to captivate us with their intense blue color. And at GemsforJewels, we are totally mesmerized by a blue stone called sodalite.

It is one of the few gemstones that occur naturally in bright blue color. Although it has a tremendous demand in the market, it is still affordable and widely available.

It is one of the most exquisite and beautiful gemstones that you’ll ever find. Its metaphysical properties and benefits outweigh its elegance. Sodalite, also called the wisdom stone, is a fitting paradigm of the "beauty with brains" phrase. Its ability to enhance communication skills, expressions, and feelings with a clarity of thought is why it is also commonly referred to as the “poet’s stone.”

So how did “sodalite” get its name?

As the name itself suggests, the term “soda” indicates that it was named after its sodium content. It is classified as a feldspathoid. Although similar to lazurite and lapis lazuli, its blue color is more like the traditional royal blue rather than ultramarine.

Sodalite is more than just a mere gorgeous looking stone. This guide will briefly answer everything about sodalite and its properties.

What is sodalite?

Chemically, sodalite is a rare rock-forming tectosilicate mineral—a member of the feldspathoid mineral group with the chemical composition  Na4Al3Si3O12Cl . It occurs in igneous rocks that crystallized from sodium-rich magmas. It is part of the cubic crystal system and has a waxy luster.  High-quality sodalite is used as a gemstone, a sculptural material, and an architectural stone. It is usually opaque or translucent, with a vitreous luster, and has a Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6.


Where is sodalite found?


This fascinating gemstone  is found in several parts of the world. The biggest deposits of sodalite lie in Brazil. It is also found in Romania, France, Myanmar, India, Canada, Greenland, Russia, and the USA. Specifically, some of the well-known sources of sodalite in these countries include the Kola Peninsula of Russia, British Columbia, Arkansas, Litchfield, Magnet Cove, Maine.


The 3 C’s of Sodalite


Color: Its chemical composition is a perfect way to understand the color of sodalite. It largely consists of sodium, which is primarily why it is named so—a direct implication of its royal blue color. It comes in shades of royal blue and purple with white calcite . Although it is well known for its blue color, sodalite also comes in hues of gray, white, yellow, green, or pink. It is also often mottled with white veins or patches.

Cut: The cabochon cut is amongst the most favorable ways to facet opaque sodalite.  This kind of cut enhances the beauty of sodalite, providing it an attractive appearance altogether. Even the transparent variant of sodalite is faceted, but it is quite rare. Sodalite can also be cut into various forms such as baguettes, ovals, rounds, or even several other fancy shapes.

Clarity: Sodalite exhibits a vitreous luster, whereas, on the fractures, it tends  to exhibit a greasy luster. It is interspersed with white calcite inclusions that appear like veins or patches. Sodalite is naturally opaque, but there are also very rare specimens of transparent sodalites.


Treatments of Sodalite


Unlike several other gemstones , sodalite is not dependent on excessive treatment to enhance its beauty. Heating sodalite may affect its color, resulting in loss of color. However, this effect can be minimized and restored through irradiation. Sometimes, white sodalites may undergo certain controlled dye treatments to provide their natural color and turn them into more popular blue gems.


How to take care of sodalite?


Though sodalite is a fairly strong and durable gemstone, its Mohs scale hardness range of 5.5 to 6 suggests that it is also relatively mild and delicate. It is fragile compared to other gemstones, but sodalite jewelry and ornaments will last for many years with sufficient care and attention.

It is not a tedious task to clean and preserve your sodalite gemstone. To clean the dust, all it takes is lukewarm soapy water and a fluffy towel. Make sure that no soapy stain clings on as this could damage the gemstone in the longer run.

This gemstone can be particularly susceptible to pressure, intense temperatures, as well as harsh household chemicals and cleaners. Avoiding any form of exposure to bleach or sulfuric acid is strongly recommended.

Often ensure that the gemstone is removed before you go for a jog, play sports, or participate in vigorous household chores. To prevent bruises and cracks, store them separately from other jewelry. It is the best way to secure the gemstone by covering the stones and placing them for additional protection in a fabric-lined jewelry case.


Sodalite meaning


Sodalite’s meaning is communication and poetry. Its true meaning lies in its ability to rinse the body from all the negative vibes along the lines of anxiety, fear, shame, and guilt. The sodalite stone drives you to thrive and survive and bolsters you to prosper to the best of your being.


Sodalite healing properties and benefits:

  • When it comes to elevating  your physical prowess, sodalite is your go-to gemstone. For instance, when it comes to your communication skills, this throat chakra stone will act as an exceptional tool to help bolster your self-confidence when you speak.
  • Sodalite encourages you to avoid doubting your instincts, boosts your self-esteem, and uplifts your inner trust.
  • Sodalite soothes all throat-related problems even if you are coping with any kind of vocal cord damage, facing difficulty with hoarseness, or other larynx issues.
  • It is an exceptional gemstone for stimulating the immune system by lowering blood pressure, promoting the body to utilize all the fluids it requires, and also provides a supportive hand to the lymphatic system.

Sodalite metaphysical and crystal healing properties:

  • Sodalite is a gemstone that provides you  with the capacity to effectively express your emotions.
  • It fosters intuition, truth, objectivity, and a logical thought process.
  • It helps overcome the toxic forces and negative energy that result in panic attacks.
  • Along with helping in verbalizing emotions, sodalite encourages rational thoughts and empathy towards fellow beings.

Sodalite spiritual properties:


Sodalite is bound  to the chakra of the throat and is also associated with the heart chakra and the third eye chakra. It's a deeply mystical stone that encourages the wearer to deepen and reinforce their relations so that, even when raising their eyes to gaze higher into the heavens above, they sense the grounding power of the world under their feet.

It is said that sodalite taps into the pituitary gland, which taps into divine perception and functions as the key to illumination. It's a gemstone ripe with crystal healing that will help you tap into certain psychic powers that are stashed away.


How to use sodalite for healing?

  • Sodalite is widely known for its ability to generate positive vibes and calming energy by cleansing your aura and clarifying your heart and mind.
  • This gemstone easily eradicates any negative emotions.
  • Sodalite is also a strong purifier that allows organs to retain their strength and function at maximum potential.
  • It can help develop a firewall against the most common diseases by improving your immune system.
  • Your body will begin to recover at a speed-up pace with this new fitness buff.
  • Sodalite will decrease any elevated blood pressure and strengthen the digestive system instantly.
  • By treating calcium deficiency and improving your metabolism, it will also assist your immune system.

Sodalite birthstone


For the Sagittarius zodiac sign , sodalite is the right combination. Sagittarians, along with being restless and radical in thinking, they’re often excited for an adventure and are honest by nature. It is common for these active zodiac members to find themselves in the middle of a whirlwind storm, and that's where the sodalite's calming nature comes in. The poet’s stone assists Sagittarians to be a bit more tactful about the facts in such a way that it is conveyed and received at all times with the right intentions.

Sagittarians are a strongly metaphysical party who prefer to believe in favor of becoming controlled. Although this is a noble and intelligent characteristic, instead of only being led by the rational mind, it still helps to get some intuition and heart-led decisions woven in. Under the cold exterior, they are a fire symbol, and this is why the cool touch of sodalite will sweep in easily and be able to save, not to douse the fires, but to put back some harmony.


Where should you buy sodalite gemstones?


It is a well-known fact that crystal gemstones have so much to offer not just as an elegant piece of your jewelry but also with their wide range of healing properties. While there are several other variants available in the market, none of them come next to this stone of poetry and truth. Hence, it is essential to buy gems from a trustworthy source.

Here, to bridge the gap between you and your gemstone, we have your back. We offer natural sodalite gems of the highest quality in the form of pears, chips, bricks, and other fancy shapes as well. Go through our online store and pick out one of our exquisite sodalite stones that suits your interests.

*Disclaimer: Any of the claims related to the healing benefits, uses, and metaphysical properties of this or any other gemstone are not guaranteed or validated by this Gemstone Guide. All the information provided in this guide should in no way be used as a substitute or alternative for medical advice. *